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    Double or Nothing on the Lobie road


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    Double or Nothing on the Lobie road

    Post  Desmo on Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:29 am

    The morning was bright and no wind BOM had us all on the edge with gale force wind motorbikes being blown off the Basket Range road like lemmings, rivers of blood stuff. To post a ride and wait or go? That was the question as the wind would be here it was just a matter of when. I thought of a solo fang to Lobie when the text came through MV challenges 999 to a duel Magill via Norton Summit to Lobie defeated one buys the coffee.
    So it was another hills fang for Desmo today before the wind with Christo for a rematch of the MV v 999 rivalry.

    It was just on the cusp of peak hour but I was heading the right direction against the flow of traffic so the pain of stop start was not as frustrating as it could have been, the 999 hates city traffic. It was just a few office stragglers by the time I reached the Magill Uni SA car park entrance and the students were making their way to lectures Ha losers.
    Some were ogling the shiny MV roostering it self while waiting for the 999 who's nasty barking termis soon has the attention of the pack much to the disgust of king chook Christo. All shiny red and with the rumble of a big bore twin what can you expect mate.

    So off it was to the Norton Summit up the short way had the boys wondering if there was a speed limit along here until we caught up to a delivery van pedestrian pacing its way through the middle crooks, fortunately the 999 had the first opportunity to pull out and pass leaving the MV in second place with an oncoming 70's ford cutting off his exit chance, it was the break I needed and had the Duc coming up trumps on the way there, a coffee never tastes so sweet as when it is won off a MV rider.
    Turning at the second intersection after the school it was left on the lesser used goat track that involved heaps of tight corners that had the MV closing the gap but not able to capitalise on, We popped out at the Camelot castle intersection and that was where I had the jump on an Audi that left the MV having to give way.

    The Audi driver was an Ayrton reincarnate that pushed all the way to the Forest Range straight. The MV went to make its move but was thwarted by the Audi who was sticking to the roaring termis like flies on a poo leaving Christo no other option but to hang back and hope. That did not eventuate as Ayrton was persistent and stuck with us until Lobie only he was using the whole road to achieve what the bikes were doing within the confines of their lane. It was sweet victory for the 999 argued as by default due to Audi Ayton, "but you could not take him on the straight or on the bends so "I win, I win"!!! The obvious was of course on the table double or nothing for the way back.

    Where 999 was pipped at the post on the way back due to some aggressive cornering, Yeah, Yeah I know a bad rider blames his bike OK Christo the MV had the edge on the way home nothing to do with the farmer pulling out in front of us at Collins road and the young and foolhardy Christo just tweaking it past the trailer by centimetres while Desmo was on full progressive breaking then a sharp left turn up the road the A-hole had just came out of. No mean feat as it is against the flow of the corner, only to see the MV on the up track with a 40 degree plus knee scraping lean to make it around that left hander that everyone cuts in close to the shrubs on. Yes folks there was no looking back for the MV he had surreptitiously gained the lead and was not about to relinquish it guess he could smell the Hudson's Xtra-large latte in his flared nostrils as he nailed it up and over the Deviation road intersection with Desmo having to crank the stalled 999 back into life and play catch up all the way to Wakefield street and the Hudson's in the Hospital. This was graciously bought and consumed seeing we were on the right side of the nurse's station this time with a grin on both our faces to prove it, just as the hot northerly started to dry off the crops and bring a hint of summer into the city.

    Desmo cheers

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