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    My bike doesn?t leak oil it just marks its territory


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    My bike doesn?t leak oil it just marks its territory

    Post  Desmo on Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:27 am

    If home is where your bike sits still long enough to leave a few drops of oil on the ground, then work for Roo must be a stop on the way to weekday rides with Desmo. The Honda CBR600RR would not be leaving many drops in the work car park anyway. The thread came through that the Roo was enthusiastic for a Thursday thrash through the hills with old mate and a fine day for riding was upon us again. After Roo's ploughing of the verge on the down track of Basket Range he was eager to throw the mud out of the tyres tread. Consequently it was off we went to warm up the tyres on the 60kph zone on Greenhill road with Roo out front. Ply the bike around the corners on the 80kph sector a left hand turn before the Summertown down hill run. A quick blat along that road to Ashton right onto the old Lobie road for a run up to Lenswood. Roo was giving it some but went a little wide on some of the tighter apexes. This still did not abate his pace that continued along the Swamp creek road leaning hard into the bends and drifting the rear on some of the exits as the throttle was cracked with a touch too much fuel. It was back onto Greenhill for the ride into Balhannah for lunch.

    We ordered the mammoth doughnuts and coffee, a Balhannah bakery must for weary riders. The Roo was concerned about the front tyre not tracking true. We discussed the pressure he was running and he lowered it 5 psi [it is recommended that tyre pressures always be taken on cold tyres] so it was after the lunch break when Roo dug out his pressure gauge. At first glance it looks like an implement that one would use for smoking pot but he applied it to the valve with a pisssst released some of the air, the results are covered in the next ride report. The day was just begining for me. I was off to Strath and Roo back to the place he calls work / excuse to go for mid week rides, with goodbyes exchanged this was what followed.

    I was out of the car park, left via the Nepenthe road to Harndorf and straight through to Mount Barker as I had hooked up with an old partner in crime seen in the main street of Harndorf. One called Justin on his black Honda CBR600RR 05 model [a popular bike] so it was the old road to Strath it is a great road, little used these days as the new road cuts off heaps more time, but it has some very nice sweepers with little to no intersections to worry about. This had us pulling into Mary-lous for fuel and a drink where we decided that it was such a nice day that we would run down to Ashbourne and then back along the Bull creek, do the old Willunga hill road skip across the new Victor road to the back road through to Myponga and on to Yankalilla, stop there and decide our fate after that.

    It was a great run out to Ashbourne we went all the way into the town before turning right on to the Bull creek road that gave us a clear scamper all the way to Meadows. We headed out to Willunga and the old way up the hill, that is a great road if there is no one else on it, luck dealt as a favorable hand and we reached the top before coming across a doddling cage driver who we dispatched with the howl of Termies and after market Honda single can.
    A short burst on the main road to Victor then right on to the back road to Myponga and a pacey ride along that road through to Yankalilla, where we stopped for a drink of water and plan the next phase.
    It was a natural choice when in that neck of the woods to run along the Delamere road but we wanted to do it coming from the Victor side. That meant it was off down the Inman Valley road to towards Victor a good fast ride that had us passing a bunch of Harley riders who were out for a mid week cruise. The Harley boys behind us we did the right hook at Mill road and back out along the Waitpinga road. Justin was just about to open the throttle when he clamped on the brakes that had me on him quicker than a Coopers turns to piss on a summer day, the hawkish eye of the youngster had spied the BMW riding radar operator that had him pegged but not fulfilled as we burbled past at just over the posted speed. We went as far as the Range road turn before increasing the ozone diminishing applicator and gave the clean country air some much needed monoxide from the burbs dwellers.

    What a hoot no one around and the Delamere road just a short run down the tar to the left hand tee. Once on those sweet sweepers it was time to blow out the cob webs and it was an engaging dash despite the fact that there was a patch of gravel on the third last bend that had the ring gear tweaking to the tune of a raised heart rate of 190 beats a min. Finally it was the Delamere intersection that slowed the velocity and not the fact that the front and back tryes had slid 30 centimeters before traction was regained.
    At a slower speed it may have gave us time to think about it, not as it was, going, OH SH#T! It was all over before it was over, rather than calling upon my years of experience to try some attempt at control, ending in a sausage creature.
    It was a welcome rest stop to stretch the cramping limbs.
    It had been an extraordinary run no real interruptions a brief encounter with the Poo maker and averting the funds leaching radar trap.

    Justin lives in the south so we had a ride back through Myponga over the backbreaking tree root hump at the start of the straight to Normanville via Yankalilla along the main south road to the Sellicks Hill Y junction where we parted ways. It was a quick dart to Willunga where I filled the 999 for the third time that day, proceeding to McLaren Flat, then Clarendon road, man I said once before never leave that road till the end of a run and here I was again torturing the carpel tunnel, it was fun in a perverse kind of way. The shadows were growing long and bug smear starting to become a nuisance as the office workers were streaming out of the city. I was descending the old Belair road to town, when I thought of the Roo heading home to Strath in peak hour and how the last 389 Ks had been a great way to spend the day, I remembered an old phrase I used to say when I owned a 450 Desmo back in the 70s.
    My bike doesn't leak oil it just marks its territory
    It is comic what goes through ones mind when it is not required to give 110% to the road in front.

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    Re: My bike doesn?t leak oil it just marks its territory

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    Very Happy

    Awesome story not sure about some of the places but love the read anyways keep up the brilliant work


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