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    Herbies here

    Post  Desmo on Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:40 pm

    Its a young Herbie on the iconic 916 that has a story behind it.

    You will have to wait for that.

    Here is the tale behind the bike.

    Mate this was the first 916 to arrive in Australia at Chapman’s motorcycles Perth, I took it up to Wanneroo race track after about 3 weeks and low sided it on turn 1 out of the start finish straight, it got a bunch of sand in its lungs so this is when the 855 kit was installed from Fast by Ferraci. (So first one crashed as well) The ADR compliance was done in WA to before Frasers had them in the country.

    We also had the chip and changed the wheels for Marvic’s which reduced the un-sprung weight by 7 kilos bit of Carbon fiber then had a lite weight fairing set made and painted.

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